Research has shown that students who complete the WITS program perform better on standardized test scores than their counterparts.  Over 10 years of data collected by University of St. Thomas Professor Dr. Carl Scott indicate that students who complete the WITS program demonstrate improved writing skills, greater self-efficacy, and higher test scores than those who did not participate in the program.

With the WITS program, your school will receive:

  • Professional writers who teach the writing process from a practitioner's expert point of view
  • Bilingual writing teachers (upon request)
  • Optional field trip to a local art museum or other cultural venue, and
  • Publications free-of-charge for every participating student.

Principals across the city can testify to the power of WITS:

"Because of WITS, our students learn the fundamentals of writing, while showcasing artistic knowledge that they achieved from working with a professional writer throughout the year." - Principal Thuy Le-Thai, Ed White Elementary School

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