John Palmer Art names Writers in the Schools as its 2013 Charity of the Year


John Palmer Art has named Writers in the Schools as its 2013 Charity of the Year!  After a tremendous amount of research and meetings with non-profit staff and volunteers, John Palmer Art is incredibly excited to support this 501(c)(3) organization for the entire calendar year through the raising of funds and awareness.  WITS is ranked the #1 literary organization in the state by the Texas Commission on the Arts--only one reason why John Palmer Art found this to be a meaningful match.  Just as Palmer educates and inspires artists through his Escapist Mentorship Program, WITS empowers our cities' children through free expression of the written word and cultivation of their most prized assets, their minds.  

Artist John Ross Palmer says, "We fell in love with WITS and their team from the get-go.  They are 100% committed and enthusiastic about their work--just like me!  Look forward to our events that support WITS this year--both our cherished art collectors and their patrons should be ready to be wowed!"  Robin Reagler, Executive Director at WITS shares Palmer's excitement, "We are so grateful to be chosen by John Palmer Art.  The support of an artist of his caliber is monumental--we are incredibly grateful for the raising of funds--but also, John is a living example for our kids that hard work and following your passion will make your dreams come true."

As John Palmer Art's 2013 Charity of the Year, WITS will be specifically honored at the following events at the John Palmer Art Gallery & Studio:


The Unveiling of John Palmer art inspired by Writers in the Schools 

April 13, 2013 from 2:00-4:00 pm

A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the WITS program