The WITS Alliance

The WITS Alliance is a professional network that strengthens and sustains organizations providing literary arts education for K-12 students and teachers.

The Alliance believes that developing and celebrating young people's voices through the guidance of creative writers advances literacy and builds powerful schools, families, and communities.

The WITS Alliance:

* Develops resources to support existing programs

* Shares best practices, and

* Mentors new and emerging literary arts organizations.

The vision is simple: The WITS Alliance believes that a literary education is the birthright of every child.

By sharing their experience and expertise, The WITS Alliance members help each other and other organizations to become stronger and more effective, serving more children. Specifically, partner programs benefit from:

* Access to experts in this field

* Models for training and evaluation

* Professional development and leadership training

* Educational resources, legal documentation, reference materials

* A circle of mentors and peers

* Opportunities for collaboration

* Recognition and publicity

* Validation and credibility

* The power of a shared vision

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Robin Reagler