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Professional Development facilitators guide

Male Teacher with Students

Calling all Principals, Assistant Principals, Teacher Specialists, and Instructional Coaches! Don't miss this opportunity to develop AND publish your leadership story!


The Powell Foundation is sponsoring this fantastic program and is free to the first group of leaders who register for this opportunity.


The four sessions development opportunity will be free for interested Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional Coordinators, and Teacher Specialists. All participants can publish their stories in an anthology created specifically for this cohort of leaders. This work aims to strengthen their influence and leadership abilities through storytelling.

What is your story?

Sunday, June 11th  |  9am - 1pm


How do you use your story to motivate others?

Thursday, June 15th  |  6pm - 8pm


How do you communicate your story fluidly in writing?

Thursday, June 22nd  |  6pm - 8pm


Published Reading

Sunday, July 9th  |  10AM - 12noon

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