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Our Staff

Leadership Team

Acting Executive Director Errica Dotson (She/her)

Errica Dotson

Acting Executive Director


Program team

Tina Angelo Acting Managing Director of Programming (Pronouns She/Her)

Tina Angelo

Acting Managing Director
of Programming


Raie Crawford Director of Community Engagement and Youth Programming (Pronouns She/They)

Raie Crawford 

Director of Community Engagement & Youth Programming


Dr. Queinnise Miller, Director of Education (Pronouns She/Her)

Dr. Queinnise Miller

Director of Education


Madeleine Gaudin, Program Associate University of Houston Fellow (Pronouns She/Her)

Madeleine Gaudin

Program Associate
UofH Fellow


Development & fundraising


christina mackey


Director of Programs

Rashaad Newsom, Senior Accountant (Pronouns He/Him)

Rashaad Newsom

Senior Accountant


Community Connector

Emanuelee Bean, Community Engagement Liaison  (Pronouns He/Him)

Emanuelee Bean

Community Engagement


Logistics & Administration

Janette Hendrix, Admin Operations Manager  (Pronouns She/Her)

Janette Hendrix


Admin Operations Manager

Ashley Warner, Program Team Logistics Manager  (Pronouns She/Her)

Ashley Warner


Program Team
Logistics Manager

OP Cor.jpeg

Tasmine Harrell


Operational Coordinator

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