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Ages: 13-19 | Cost: $425

Are you a teen between the ages of 13-19 who is interested in creating a portfolio of work for future literary projects? Are you looking for coaching and mentorship that centers on writer's craft? Are you thinking about applying to be next year's Houston Youth Poet Laureate? 

  • The WITS Winter Intensive is a program designed for middle and high school students interested in exploring critical thinking though creative writing during the Winter 2023-24 holidays

  • Led by experienced WITS Writers students will learn about poetry, prose and performance.

  • At the conclusion of the Winter Intensive students will have a portfolio of work including rough and revised pieces and a deepened understanding of poetic and fictional forms and the creative process

Date Time:

December 27th - 29th

9am - 3pm


1414 Sul Ross, Houston, TX 77006


Experienced WITS Writers

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